Bong Water Alternative

Are you tired of the hassle that is required to clean your water pipes or bowls? This particular piece of water solution is made from a propriety blend of natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts. With normal tap water, the resin can accumulate on your water pipes or bowls. The dirty look and unpleasant smell of your smoke can dull out your smoking experience. Piece water works best for cleaning up your bongs, smoking glass pipes, or your bowls. It adds a protective layer to your glass, which prevents the buildup of resin. So, hurry up and grabs yours for smoother hits and then easy cleaning!



  1. This water lasts about 40 hits per fill
  2. It is non-toxic and safe to use, but it is not for drinking purposes
  3. A blue-tinted bottle with a golden sealed cap to distinguish it from a standard water bottle
  4. It keeps all your smoking appliances in pristine condition

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