Mile High Hitter | Double Dugout

"The Modern Dugout.  A must have for cultivators & connoisseurs" Danny Danko

Highest rated dugout one hitter case online

Premium dugout tobacco case. 10-year product warranty.    

 A perfect blend of durable and discreet. 

 PEACE OF MIND. Forever tight top with core thru lid design keeps all your smoking accessories safe and secure.  Keeps your product fresher for longer. Safe in pockets, a toolbox, a briefcase, a purse or just sitting on your desk.

 NO STINK.  This case is made with a unique blend of industrial-strength nylon. It is virtually indestructible and the finest storage solution. Run it over with a truck and it still works. The one-of-a-kind design swivel lid is easily & fully adjustable. This seals in contents and protects them from outside elements. Also the little black box floats. 

 NO PINCH.  Designed different with rounded corner to comfortably fit in pockets. 4" x 2.5" x .75"  Forever tight top.

★ NO WORRIES.  XXL product chamber.  Custom springs make for a soft touch eject, not a rocket to your face.  Smooth open swivel top, open a little for one smoky stick or rotate the lid fully for both to pop up.   Holds 3" any standard smoking accessories. TOP STAYS SECURELY CLOSED EVEN IN A TOOLBOX.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. 100% product satisfaction guarantee.  Made in the USA.  Built by the best of the best American workers.  

You have tried the rest, NOW GET THE BEST!!  

NOW INCLUDED: Get the secret to the customized wraps.  You have a box that will last 10 years now you can customize yourself.  Have a one of a kind design made just for you!  Switch it up anytime you want with a new personalized wrap.  Be unique with your own design.  Or keep it just like it is, stylish black for ultimate discreetness.

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Designed to be the best and last case you ever buy.