Smoked Series Glass Steamroller

Steamroller pipes are a sort of hand pipe intended for the more experienced smoker. Steamrollers are like chillums to the degree that they give a straight shot from the bowl to the mouthpiece. They are regularly a lot bigger than chillums, have a top bowl, and produce a lot bigger hit for a livelier group. The Marley Natural brand as of now has a subsequent incredible glass line in their course of action of splendid smoking devices. These new glass things feature hued "smoked" glass and gold accents. All the pieces in the "Smoked" course of action show up in a custom box, especially expected for each glass pipe.

This Steamroller Pipe is painstakingly amassed, and measures around 7 inches, this may change.

  • Hued glass
  • This piece features magnificent concealed glass supplements that give it a novel and gorgeously captivating appearance. Concealed glass is one of the various features that can make this piece hang out in your glass arrangement.
  • Significant bowl
  • Thick glass