Glass Spoon Pipe w/ Wood Accents

This is a versatile well-disposed spoon pipe that can fit serenely in your pocket when dismantled. The wooden accents go about as a trendy supplement to the warmth safe glass bowl. This glass bowl is the support of the whole hand pipe, as it associates both wooden pieces. The bowl additionally contains a profound channel and side carb. Made from hand-blown glass and refined dark pecan wood, this specially crafted piece accomplishes a liquid equilibrium of value and strength. The serenely adjusted stem and warmth safe glass bowl take into consideration predictable draws, making an especially smooth smoking experience. The separable parts and minimal structure make the Spoon Pipe helpful for movement, so you can appreciate the advantages of spice at whatever point and any place your excursion takes you. The Spoon Pipe is 2" H x 4.5" L x 1.20" D.


  • The fitment and creases of this piece are flawless! It smokes incredible and doesn't warm up in the hand by any stretch of the imagination.
  • It separates effectively into three pieces for simple cleaning. I'll be making a pecan remain to show this decent piece when not being used.
  • The bowl is the ideal shape for a new green breathe in without fail. It conveys the smoothest draw I have removed a bowl without water.
  • I trust you get what you pay for and with this piece you get more.