Glass Bubbler w/ Wood Accents

Regardless of whether you need a dry line or a water pipe, Marley Natural's Glass Bubbler can do both. Its voluminous base is fit for being loaded up with a liberal measure of water for filtration. You can dismantle this whole bubbler, regardless of whether it be for a careful cleaning or simpler versatility. Unscrew the base and wooden focus from the bowl, at that point pull out the wooden handle and the glass mouthpiece. Much the same as that, the bubbler has been isolated into 5 pieces. Regardless of whether it be collected or dismantled, you can utilize the included satchel to convey the bubbler all around. Utilizing a diffused down stem for ideal filtration, the Marley Natural Bubbler is an inventive and delightful hand pipe. The downstem is a glass tube that channels smoke from the bowl towards the lower part of the bong. This particular kind of downstem is fixed into the joint and capacities as a perc by refining smoke with its cuts or openings.


  • Clear glass
  • This piece highlights smooth and clean clear glass that permits you to watch this concentrate apparatus or water pipe work. Clear glass permits you to watch the air pockets stack as your smoke/fume permeates
  • Profound bowl
  • Fixed down stem

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