Jane West Onesie Taster

The 'Jane West' Onesie from GRAV Labs is their interpretation of the one-hitter pipe. Little and minimal, it will take enough material for one success and afterward you can conceal it again and continue with whatever you were doing. The Taster is Jane West's unique one-hitter. Ideal for getting one great hit of your favored tobacco this piece is travel measured and fits effectively into your pocket or sack. A one-piece tube made of tough borosilicate glass, the Onesie is ideal for low-profile, in a hurry use.


  • Made with the Purest Silica in the World
  • 12mm x 2mm Borosilicate Glass Tubing ,Roll stop Prevents Accidents
  • Travel Size; Fits Easily into Pocket or Bag
  • Fortified, Angle Tooled Mouth and Bowl
  • Planned by Jane West, Made by GRAV
  • Accessible in Several Colors , Length: 3"

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