Jane West Bubbler

Planned by Jane West in a joint effort with GRAV Labs, this upstanding bubbler has a hefty solid feel. Bubblers give the experience and filtration of a water pipe in a more modest bundle. The Jane West Bubbler is made with a dainty ergonomic plan that rests effectively in your grasp and against your lip. A fixed down stem goes straightforwardly from the just about 1" wide blossom bowl. Worked from mint glass with an exquisite outline that will add present day refinement to any assortment.


  • Its size 38x4mm with Bent Neck and Borosilicate Glass.
  • Branded Glass is used.
  • It’s Bubbler with Colored Glass and Diffused Down stem.
  • Hand Pipe with Highest Quality Materials
  • Left Side Carb with  Scientific Glass
  • Thick Glass and  Worked Glass

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