Full Size Helix Classic Pipe by Grav Labs

This full-sized Classic Helix glass pipe is perhaps the most interesting hand pipe plans accessible. The Helix line from includes a "Adventure Chamber," which highlights 3 miniature openings calculated up the a similar way. This Helix chamber causes the smoke twirl like a cyclone while blending in with air, which makes one of the smoothest hits we've ever observed. This line isn't just very useful yet in addition super damn cool looking. The Helix line is planned and circulated from Austin, TX. Decal tones may shift.



  • The exemplary Helix™ Hand Pipe is 7" long and made on 32mm tubing.
  • The recognizable spoon head is intertwined to a Venturi chamber mouthpiece, highlighting three air admission openings that cool and turn smoke.
  • Two feet settle the piece between employments.
  • The Helix™ plan the two channels smoke and saves plant matter.
  • No embellishments or water are fundamental for utilizing this hand pipe.

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