Grav Labs Classic Spoon Pipe

The Grav Labs Classic Spoon pipe is probably the best line out there. Produced using great borosilicate glass which is extraordinarily treated for expanded warmth opposition. This piece arrives in an assortment of tones, for example, Green, Blue, Pink, Black, Yellow, White, Turquoise, and Light Purple. The Grave Labs - Spoon pipe is exceptionally strong and all around created; it is fabulous for the spice fan in a hurry. It comes in the well-known spoon plan and incorporates a carb opening and a custom debris catcher mouthpiece.


  • This piece highlights excellent shaded glass complements that give it an extraordinary and stylishly engaging appearance.
  • Hued glass is one of the numerous highlights that can make this piece hang out in your glass assortment.
  • This line includes a profound bowl to take into consideration a lot of dry spices or tobacco to be stuffed at one time.
  • This glass pipe contains thick glass which expands its toughness and life span.
  • Thick glass pieces are less likely to break due to their heavy glass construction.