Arcline Series Hemisphere Bubbler

Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler is 6" tall and made on 28mm tubing. Its splitting downstem diffuses smoke through water and is fixed inside the line to forestall breakage. The lovely fire cleaned name adjusts with the Arcline style, roused by Tuscan segments from old Italy. The Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler comes prepared to use with a 14mm Arcline Bowl and capacities best with around 1" of water. All the pieces in The Arcline Collection by labs are propelled by Tuscan Columns of Ancient Italy. This is eminent in their layered plan and thick glass repeating the strength of the stone columns that motivate these exemplary plans with another and exceptional contort.



  • With regards to pipe plan, underlying uprightness and establishment are generally significant.
  • The Arcline arrangement is made to climate incessant use for even the most energetic smokers.
  • It's delightful and remarkable plan causes you to feel as though it were a custom piece.
  • This shocking logical glass piece is worked with a fixed downstem which highlights showerhead permeation.
  • This line takes a low waterline and can store immense hits for the individuals who know no restrictions.
  • Splitting downstem diffuses smell through water Downstem is fixed inside the line to forestall breakage.

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