Arcline Series Hammer Pipe

This Hammer style hand pipe from Labs is essential for the Arcline product offering, including layered workmanship suggestive of the Tuscan sections of antiquated Italy. This dry hand pipe is produced using thick glass and sits upstanding, so it very well may be determined to any level surface and stuffed easily. Strong and dependable, the Arcline Hammer Pipe from Grav Labs is a brilliant decision for the two apprentices and genuine gatherers. Smoking from a convenient hand pipe has never been more lavish than with the Grav Arcline Hammer Pipe. Enlivened by the Tuscan sections of old Italy, this spoon style hand pipe is expertly made utilizing a layered plan with perfectly clear borosilicate glass start to finish.



  • This pipe is useful for light and twisting which makes simple to convey and work inside a limited space.
  • Like the name suggests, the Arcline Hammer Pipe includes a mallet style body furnished with a fixed bowl on the top for your dry spices, and a left side air carb underneath the bowl.
  • The mallet line's foot and erupted mouthpiece cooperate to balance out the piece between utilizes so it can sit upstanding when postponed.
  • The Arcline Hammer Pipe estimates 5" crawls long and is done with a fire cleaned GRAV decal that adjusts to the Arcline assortment's tasteful stylish.

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