"Spin Around at the MoMA" Hand Pipe

Like an advanced craftsmanship show, the Wig Wag Mushroom Milli Hand Pipe has a great deal going on, however it actually looks astounding. First thing, the principal thing that gets your attention is the mushroom milli. Albeit fluctuating in shading, this glass marble is continually hypnotizing with its petals and striking tones. On the contrary side of the mushroom milli is an enormous carb opening. Controlling the wind stream while breathing in, the carb opening is an indispensable piece of a smoking meeting. It permits you to deal with your spices and not consume it excessively quick or moderate. On the essence of the line is an enormous hairpiece sway plan. These tones come in irregular blends however are absolutely wonderful regardless of the blend. In similar territory as these highlights is the profound bowl. A profound bowl is consistently a welcome expansion to any line since who preferences pressing their bowl again and again. The body of the line has a novel, ribbed tubing made with somewhat raged glass.


  • This fumed glass, which extends to the head of the pipe, changes the more you smoke out of it.
  • At the end of this tubing, which is surrounded by clear glass, is another wig wag style design. White zig-zags can be found on a navy blue background. 
  • The Wig Wag Mushroom mili Hand Pipe has an amazing and complicated beauty that is not found in many pieces.
  • Fumed glass

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