Maria Ring Spoon Pipe

The pronunciations are highlighted on the level mouthpiece, the carb opening to one side of the bowl, and three raised glass marbles. A big part of the level mouthpiece is the highlight shading you pick, and the other half is the base tone. The carb opening has a ring around it with the emphasize shading you like. This clever however straightforward resource controls the wind stream when you smoke. Basically, put your finger over it while smoking for less air and take it off for additional. The three raised glass marbles are on the contrary side of the carb opening. These three hued glass knocks help you clutch the Maria Ring Spoon Pipe while you are utilizing it. Two maria rings can be found on the neck of the hand pipe.



  • These highlights are attractive and coordinate your preferred base shade. Straightforwardly before the maria rings is a profound bowl.
  • This profound bowl can hold weighty packs, making your smoking meetings to a lesser degree an issue.
  • Nothing ruins the mind-set of a smoke sesh like having to continually repack your bowl.
  • This is an extraordinary component to have on a line that is so advantageously measured.
  • Estimating at around 4 inches, the Maria Ring Spoon Pipe can fit easily in your pocket.
  • The thick glass development ensures it doesn't break when you take it out.