Labradorite Quartz Stone Pipe

Labradorite bestows strength on whoever holds it. The Labradorite Quartz Stone Pipe has its solidarity in its thick, sturdy development. Other than the cross section screen bowl, the spoon pipe is each of the one piece, with the innards penetrated inside. Lovely tones encompass the hand pipe for a mineral-like appearance. The Labradorite Quartz Spoon Pipe is smooth to the touch in any case, making it a valuable friend on your smoking excursions. Stone shading can shift. This lovely Labradorite quartz pipe includes outwardly striking streaks across the body of the line. This semi-valuable stone has been utilized for quite a long time by shamans, healers, and soothsayers for it's supposed mental mending properties! Many trust it can support mindfulness of internal soul, mystic capacity and instinct.



  • Produced using Natural Labradorite
  •  Smooth Feel
  • Downstem and Joint Drilled In
  • Separable Mesh Bowl
  • Length: 4"
  • Width: 1.5"

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