Golf Tee Hand Pipe

An ideal present for the eager golf player/smoker, the Golf Tee Hand Pipe resembles the genuine article. The bowl takes after a real golf ball while the dark body resembles a tee. There is a side carb opening and the head has grooves that resemble the ones on the genuine article. The themed glass spoon pipe is about 4.5" long. Particularly the conventional wooden tee. I've seen people break a tee on each opening. Tees aren't too costly, yet when you continually need to get them, it can negatively affect your wallet. In the event that that is you, possibly it's an ideal opportunity to put resources into some solid golf tees. Very much let's get straight to the point; no golf tee is totally strong. At last they will break. However, essentially the entirety of the tees on the rundown are made of solid plastic, making them incredibly tough.



  • You will consistently hit the green with the DankStop Golf Tee Hand Pipe
  • Truth be told, in case you're fortunate, you can get one tee to last you numerous rounds. What's more, they come at low costs, typically under $10.
  • Presently you don't get 100 tees in a pack, yet in the tees made of plastic and sap are positively a wise speculation.
  • In addition to the fact that they last quite a while, yet numerous more current tees are useful to your game.
  • A considerable lot of the tees recorded underneath include innovation to restrict grating on contact so you'll get a more reliable drive with additional length and exactness. Things we could all utilization on the course.