Glass Wrapped Spoon Pipe

There is a very fascinating body in the Glass Wrapped Spoon Pipe. In addition to the different colors and smoked glass, there is extra glass coiling around the middle of the hand pipe. Not only does the ribbed body feel good, but it also offers you a tighter grip. So yeah, for everyone's enjoyment, this hand pipe is ribbed! The Glass Covered Spoon Pipe has fascinating colors and patters, apart from the intricate coiled glass body. The latty shading comes in various tints and arbitrary plans. With the different styles, this hand line will never create two of precisely the same, which means each one is special. The latty stripes reach from start to finish and fold over in various ways. The body of the spoon pipe is made with raged glass. Raged glass is extremely alluring for pipe proprietors as it has various advantages. First off, it changes in specific lights. Some of the time the line will look clear, yet in different beams will pick up a more obscure tone. The shading likewise changes with use. The more you utilize the Glass Wrapped Spoon Pipe, the more huge the distinction. Debris and buildup will bring out beforehand inaccessible tones and will change the ones previously highlighted.


  • Wrapped glass is truly moving right now for its inventiveness and utilizing develop as a positive. Presently you don't need to stress over your line looking filthy after each toke.
  •  Allow that child to sit for some time and gain some character. In spite of the fact that the shading and configuration may contrast, each Glass Wrapped Spoon Pipe has a profound bowl.
  •  With space for good packs, presently you won't need to continually top off your line in the middle of hits. On one side of the bowl is a carb opening.
  • This controls wind current when illuminating your dry spices or tobacco.
  •  On the opposite side is a glass marble. This projection, similar to the ribbed body, assists with taking care of the line.

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