Glass Jacks Screens

Avoid the terrible ash particles in your mouth by using these high-quality jack screens delivered to your door. Available in an ample amount of quantity, we offer you these pipe screens in various colors. With these glass screens on your smoking spot, enjoy your smoking experience. The screen is held in place by one rod protruding outside that easily fits on your bongs and water pipes. The triangle shape allows the smoke to flow smoothly. So, have a taste of pure herbal tobacco when smoking as these jack screens keep your lines clean and dust-free. Grab a pack of 32 or 200 today and make sure you have a smoking pleasure when you need it.


  1. Count – 32 or 200 of your choice
  2. They are made up of high-quality glass with aesthetically appealing looks
  3. It comes in a variety of colors
  4. They are Reusable

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