Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler

Realm Glassworks has made one more show-stopper with the Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler. This stunning mallet style pipe highlights you got it, an elephant head in the entirety of its greatness. The subtleties on this 7" long line made of tough boro glass are stunning. Each part of this plan is staggeringly nitty gritty from the white tusks, huge floppy ears, beady eyes, and wrinkled temple, directly down to the scaffold of the large monster's nose. The sledge line's bowed neck is as a trunk. The storage compartment is holding the remainder of the bubbler. On this side of the line is the place where you'll locate the profound bowl for pressing in your dry spices. On the facade of the bowl there's an improving red glass milli and three raised glass lines intended to give you a decent hold.


  • The themed glass head is finished with white tusks, huge floppy ears, beady eyes, and wrinkles along its temple and the scaffold of its nose.
  • The mouthpiece is situated on the rear of the elephant's skull.
  • There's a fixed diffused downstem connected to the bowl to guarantee you just get scrumptious hits from the smoke you breathe in through the mouthpiece at the rear of the elephant's skull.
  • In the middle of employments, you can set the bubbler on your table without stressing it will fall over.
  • Both the base of the elephant's skull and the bowl base are level.
  • Get yourself the Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler to appreciate the sort of large brutal hits you love.

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