Carb Cap Stand

Unexpected things can happen to the carb caps you use. For instance, a glass bubble carb cap can easily roll all over your table and drop to the floor, and break. Carb caps get lost easily too due to their size. And they often have leftover dab material on their surfaces which can make a mess.  For these reasons and more, you should get yourself this great little Carb Cap Stand. Constructed of thick clear glass with a wide base, this durable handy glass stand will securely and safely hold your carb cap until you're ready to use it. 

This Carb Cap Stand is a universal carb cap stand that fits most carb cap styles. This Carb Cap Stand can also be used to hold your terp beads. It's a dabbing accessory you'll be glad you have. This handy glass stand is simple, smart, practical, and affordable. 

  • Universal Carb Cap Stand, compatible with most carb caps on The Dankstop site.
  • Give yourself a place to hold your Carb Cap Stand, and Terp Pearls when not in use.

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