90˚ Double Showerhead Perc Recycler Ashcatcher

This multipurpose 90° dual shower head is the most original and compelling glass accessory that we have. You can get this dual-functioning ash catcher at affordable prices, which filters all the debris and functions as a recycler. The double showerheads provide your herb with extra filtration for the smoothest hits possible. Keep your water pipes and your lungs clean and healthy with this ash catcher. It is a clear glass with a 90° joint coming in perfect sleek transparent color. Have this glass accessory on your smoking spot and keep your bong classy without ash and absolutely no hustle to clean it.



  1. Showerhead perc associated with a recycler to give you ultra clean and ash-free smoke
  2. It has a unique design.
  3. The accessory is easy to clean.

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