3mm Quartz Carb Cap

This minimalist Quartz Carb Cap boasts 3 millimeters thick of top-notch quartz construction. 3mm Carb Cap is an effective accessory for smoking. When you place the Quartz Carb Cap over a banger or domeless nail, it creates an enclosure around the concentrate.

As you hit your piece with the  3mm Carb Cap on, air enters through the smaller diameter of a ventilation hole. The restricted airflow both cools your vapor, enhances flavor, and reduces the effort of inhalation.

3mm Quartz Carb Cap is a crowd favorite among waxy extract fans for its clean, pure composition. You won’t find your inhales tainted by any metallic taste with this one. Just food grade quality delivery for a fresh and flavorful experience. A small hole on the top allows air to flow in to create more vapor while cooling each rip for a smooth easy puff.

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