11-Arm Tree Perc Ashcatcher

This 11- arm tree perc Ash catcher is a perfect accessory to have on your smoking spot. Have this monster-size ash catcher designed to filter out the smoke thoroughly. The best part is that it keeps your nasty, unwanted ash particles out of your water pipe. Equipped with 11 arms with many holes in the end, it perfectly filters out all the smoke.

This scientific glass comes with a 14mm or 18mm sized joint. You can also select the joint angle of your own choice: 45° or 90°. For optimal performance, match the tip of your joint with your water pipe. Lastly, these vibrant colors give this monster a more compelling look.



  1. It is made up of premium borosilicate glass.
  2. The male joint can fit the female joint.
  3. Thick glass used
  4. Heavy-duty filtration

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