4.5" Spoon Pipe

This spoon style glass hand pipe is a quality Piranha Product. At 4.5" long it comes in blue, white, green, and smoke dark. It likewise includes the Piranha logo carved on the top. This Spoon Pipe Structure Alien Flower Monkey is built from bright, thick borosilicate glass in California, and highlights maria ring accents, and dark glass marbles to forestall rolling. This line additionally includes a side carb, and the AFM logo all over. A strong spoon line and little table piece without a doubt. Smokers love spoon pipes since they are anything but difficult to utilize and delightful. These little bits of craftsmanship can be taken anyplace and give an unadulterated smoking encounter. Your spice or tobacco flavor won't be undermined when you utilize a top-notch spoon pipe.



  • This glass piece is confirmed to be hand blown here in the USA. American glass has acquired a standing of being solid, dependable, and very much made.
  • This water pipe includes a logical 'measuring utencil' shape at the lower part of the neck. Simple to spotless and difficult to spill, these are extraordinary foot stool bongs.
  • Erupted mouthpieces have raised glass around the mouthpiece which cause it to adjust impeccably to your mouth for unrivaled solace and an impenetrable seal while smoking.
  • An ice catcher is a squeezed place in the neck of the water pipe that permits the client to put ice 3D squares into the line.
  • Logical glass implies this line is produced using clear borosilicate glass.

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