7ml Clear Glass Concentrate Container With White Cap (Various Counts)

As dabbing becomes ever more popular, the demand for concentrate containers has never been higher.

Having a variety of concentrate containers available for your customers will keep them coming back for even more valuable items and builds brand loyalty. That's why we offer bulk wholesale options for high-quality glass concentrate containers and more.

These 7ml clear glass containers have a screw-on White lid and come in a 90-count, 180-count, 270-count, 350-count, 360-count, 384-count, or a 450-count for your ultimate convenience. 

Each container has a concentrate capacity of up to 1 g, perfect for both recreational and medical users alike. They're great for all types of extracts, dabs, and other concentrates you need to package, including wax, resin, butter, shatter, and more!

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