7ml Clear Glass Concentrate Container With Black Cap (Various Counts)

  • 7ml Clear Glass Concentrate Container
  • Available in 90, 180, 270, 350, 360, 384 or 450 Count
  • 7ml size container with Black Cap
  • 1.5" Wide 7/8" Tall
  • Know as "Flat Wall" or "Thick Wall" 
  • Concentrate Capacity: 
    0-1g = 5-7ml
    1-2g = 9ml
    2-4g = 15ml

Our 7ml clear glass concentrate containers include the black screw on cap.

Glass containers are great for all extracts, dabs and other concentrates you need to package. Our glass concentrate containers are pressed with rounded edges. Designed specifically for concentrates and/or extracts, including wax, oil, shatter, butter, and resins!

These concentrate containers hold up to 3 grams of concentrate! 

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