18mm to 14mm Fire Cut Downstem

Do you have a bong without a down stem, pretty useless, right? Have cool hits with this down stem that has multiple holes instead of regular slits. This down stem will easily hold your water pipes or glass bowl accessories. Furthermore, the holes at the end correctly filter your smoke and provide you with the best cool hit. It will fit into 18mm or 14mm joint water pipes. You can buy this accessory in various lengths, so make sure you have measured the right size that is perfect for you. A demonstration of measuring the length is given beside the product. Grab yours today and receive it on your doorstep!



  1. This down stem is made up of clean and smooth glass that is not only light but also durable.
  2. It can fit with 14mm or 18mm joint both
  3. It comes in a variety of lengths

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