What are Nectar Collectors? - Ultimate Beginners Guide 2021

What are Nectar Collectors? - Ultimate Beginners Guide 2021


If you’re curious about what nectar collectors are and how they work, you’ve come to the right place!


There’s a lot of different ways that you can enjoy cannabis products, so you’re forgiven for not knowing everything about them all. After all, the versatility of cannabis means that it can effectively be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

You can eat it as edibles, smoke it in joints, spliffs, pipes, or bongs, vape it in vaporizers, smoke it in a dab rig, and smoke it in a nectar collector, among others. Yes, that’s right. A nectar collector is another way that you easily experience everything that cannabis has to offer.

In the following article, we’re going to take a closer look at what a nectar collector is, the different parts of a nectar collector, how nectar collectors work, how to clean your nectar collector, and what types of cannabis concentrates you can use in your nectar collector.  

So, if you’re curious about whether or not you should add a nectar collector into your regular rotation, settle yourself in while we cover everything that you ever wanted to know about a nectar collector.


What is a Nectar Collector?

The increasing popularity of cannabis concentrates means that enthusiasts are always looking for better and more convenient ways to enjoy their favorite concentrates. Have you ever tried to carry around a large glass dab rig only to find it smashed or broken when you finally get the time to use it? You’re not alone.

A nectar collector gives you the ability to combine the experience of dabbing with portability; no more trying to carry around a large and very fragile glass dab rig! Nectar collectors are essentially portable dab rigs. They’re easily recognized by their vertical design with a straw-like mouthpiece, a quartz or titanium tip, which heats the cannabis concentrate and turns it into a vapor.

While many cannabis enthusiasts won’t replace their dab rig with a nectar collector permanently, they’re definitely a great substitution if you find yourself wanting to dab anywhere outside of your home. A nectar collector is the perfect combination of utility and portability and offers a simple solution to the problem of carrying around a large and expensive dab rig.


What Are the Different Parts of a Nectar Collector?

One of the great things about nectar collectors is that they’re available in a variety of different designs and made from different materials. One of the most exciting new materials that we’re seeing in the cannabis product market is silicone. It offers a versatile and low-cost option for people that are tired of replacing expensive glass components. Silicone is also durable and super easy to clean, which is important when it comes to anything used to smoke cannabis because the resin can be difficult to remove.

  • Mouthpiece – Nectar collectors can have either a silicone or glass straw which is used to inhale the vapor from the cannabis concentrate. Heated concentrate turns into a vapor which then travels up the airpath and is inhaled by the user through the mouthpiece.
  • Tip– Most nectar collectors will have either a titanium or quartz tip. The quartz or titanium tip is similar to that of the nail used in a dab rig. The tip is heated with either an external heating torch or via power from the battery if it’s an electric nectar collector.
  • Dish– The dish is where you place your favorite cannabis concentrates and which type of cannabis concentrate you use is entirely up to your personal preferences. The dish can be made out of either silicone or glass.
  • Water Chamber– Just like a bong or water pipe, many but not all nectar collectors include a water chamber, sometimes known as a bubbler. The vapor from the cannabis concentrate passes through the water, where it’s filtered before making its way into the airpath. The water acts as a filter, giving you a smoother and cooler dabbing experience.


What’s the History of Nectar Collectors?

It’s believed that the original creator of the nectar collector was Jeff Zobel. Zobel forwarded the idea for the first nectar collector to Kristian Merwin, a highly experienced glass artist, and engineer, in 2014. After Merwin played around and modified the design for several months, they finally had their first working prototype.

The first nectar collector was born, and while nectar collectors may not ever replace glass dab rigs completely, they do offer users a versatile and portable dab rig solution.


How Do a Nectar Collectors Work?

It wouldn’t be the 101 of nectar collectors without discussing how they work! The basics of nectar collectors are quite easy to master, and they look a lot less intimidating than dab rigs which can make them more appealing to anyone that’s just getting started with cannabis concentrates.

With dab rigs, you use a dabber and place your concentrate on the nail, but nectar collectors are slightly different. With nectar collectors, you place the heated tip of your nectar collector on the concentrate rather than the other way around.

In the following section, we’ll outline how you use a nectar collector in an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide for beginners:

  1. The first thing that you’re going to need is either a silicone or glass dish to hold your dabs so that you don’t spill them. You’ll want to keep the dish close by, so you don’t have to reach too far, but make sure that it’s on a surface where it won’t be easily knocked over or spilled. The last thing that you want is your precious and valuable cannabis concentrate being knocked all over the floor!
  2. If you don’t have an electric nectar collector, you’ll need a high-quality torch to heat up the titanium or quartz tip of your nectar collector. A good torch that doesn’t get excessively hot in your hand is definitely worth the investment.
  3. Now, you’ll want to allow the tip to cool for between 10-30 seconds. How long you leave the tip to cool will depend on the type of material the tip is made from, how long you heated it, and your own personal preferences. Once you’ve used your nectar collector a few times, you’ll be able to perfectly judge how hot to heat the tip and how long to allow it to cool.
  4. Place your mouth carefully over the straw of the nectar collector and touch the concentrate in the dish with the heated tip of the nectar collector. Take your time with this step, it can take a little while to get the whole move coordinated, but once you do, you’ll be dabbing like a professional in no time at all.
  5. Now inhale through the straw while gently removing the nectar collector away from your dish of concentrates. Cannabis concentrates can be extremely potent, so it’s essential that you take your time with them and learn to understand your tolerances before just diving straight in. The last thing you want is to get too high; it won’t be a pleasant experience at all!


Why Should You Use a Nectar Collector?

One of the biggest reasons that anyone ever chooses to use a nectar collector is convenience. If you have ever tried to carry around a large glass dab rig and all the other accessories that go with it, you’ll immediately understand the appeal of a nectar collector. You don’t need to carry the large dab rig, the heating torch, the carb cap, nail, and your concentrates and dishes. Not only is it a lot to carry, but it’s also all very fragile.

You’ll only replace one of those glass components once or twice before you realize that there has to be a better way. Luckily, there is a better way, and it’s a nectar collector!

Another benefit to nectar collectors is that they reduce the amount of cannabis concentrate that you use and waste. Cannabis concentrates can be extremely expensive, and the last thing that you want to do is waste any of that special stuff. When you’re using a nectar pen, you simply pull the quartz or titanium tip away from the concentrate dish when you’ve had enough.

The overall price of nectar collectors is comparable to that of almost any average glass bong or hand pipe, which makes them an affordable way to get into dabbing. On the other hand, dab rigs can be much more expensive and also less convenient when it comes to moving them around from place to place. So, if you want to get into dabbing but you’re not sure that you’re going to like it or you’d rather spend a little until you know for sure that it’s something that you’re going to stick with, the affordable price tag of a nectar collector makes perfect sense.

If you only ever dab at home, then a dab rig may be a good choice for you, but if you like to get social with friends and enjoy dabbing in different locations, then a nectar collector makes a lot of sense. The versatility of nectar collectors and ease of use make them great for social settings and also make them easy learning tools if you’re trying to teach someone about dabbing.


How Do You Clean Your Nectar Collector?

We already know what you’re thinking, I’ve cleaned my dab rig, and that’s a real pain, so a nectar collector isn’t going to be any easier, right? Wrong. Nectar collectors couldn’t be any easier to clean. In the following section, we’ll go through the simple steps that you need to follow in order to professionally clean your nectar collector.

The following tips are for glass nectar collectors, not electric nectar collectors. Never fully submerge an electric nectar collector.

  1. Start by removing the titanium or quartz tip from your nectar collector and gently blow through the tip to remove any large debris while also pushing all of the water from the nectar collector. This will leave your nectar collector ready to be filled with your cleaning solution.
  2. Fill the chamber of the nectar collector with a cleaning solution of isopropyl alcohol. If you have a container larger enough to fit your nectar collector, then fill it with your cleaning solution and allow the nectar collector to soak fully submerged for at least an hour or two. This will allow any stubborn pieces of junk or muck to be loosened and make the entire thing easier to clean.
  3. While you have everything apart, carefully place the tip of the nectar collector in the cleaning solution along with the rest of the nectar collector.
  4. Once you have allowed everything to soak, carefully remove it all from the cleaning solution and then gently rinse it all in warm water. It’s essential to remove all traces of isopropyl alcohol from each component before you use them.
  5. Finally, place all the components on a paper towel and allow them to dry before reassembling them completely.

The longer you leave your nectar collector before you clean it, the harder it’s going to be to clean, and the longer you’ll have to soak and scrub all the different components. If you clean your nectar collector regularly, you’ll spend less time cleaning it and more time dabbing with your favorite cannabis concentrates.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to be cleaning their nectar collector when they could be dabbing with it instead, but regular cleaning will make the cleaning process a lot shorter and easier. The longer you leave resin and other debris and build-up inside your nectar collector, the harder it will be to remove. A clean nectar collector is the best way to ensure that you have a premium dabbing experience every time you pull out your nectar collector.


What Cannabis Concentrates Can I Use in My Nectar Collector?

The great thing about nectar collectors is that they’re extremely versatile, and you can use almost any cannabis concentrate that you like. As cannabis concentrates get more popular and the popularity of dabbing increases, we’re seeing a lot more concentrates hitting the market.

It doesn’t matter what concentrate you enjoy. There’s a good chance that you’re going to be able to enjoy it wherever or whenever you want with a nectar collector. From sugar wax, shatter, budder, oils, waxes, and resins, you’ll have a great time with a high-quality nectar collector.


What are Nectar Collectors? – Conclusion

There you go! Everything that you ever wanted to know about nectar collectors, how they work, what they are, how to clean them and some of the different types of cannabis concentrates that you can use in your nectar collector.

Here at Kingdom Dabs, we stock a huge selection of premium nectar collectors that are perfect for either beginners or experienced dabbers. We’re constantly updating our selection with the latest nectar collectors, so be sure to check back regularly.

If you have any questions about nectar collectors or would like to learn more about how a nectar collector could be the perfect solution for you, then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our friendly and professional team members are only too happy to help answer any questions that you have.